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Best Mutual Fund Apps

Best Mutual Fund Apps

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Last Update : Jun 28, 2022

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Best Mutual Fund Apps  Introduction Nowadays, the people who are associated with investments in the stock market are aware of the fact that putting in money in stocks has always a risk that might jeopardize the investors as well as can give them utmost relief and pleasure with high returns. Those people are also aware of the fact that pouring in their hard-earned money into mutual funds seems to be more stable than investing money in the stock market. It is also commonly known that investing in mutual funds might not let the investors earn high as they can gain from the stock market, but will always offer a steady rise. The investment process in mutual funds is always operated by fund managers, the skilled and experienced individuals who decide the particular stocks where the gathered money would be distributed. Generally, the fund managers do not put in the amount in any specific stock. Rather they distribute it within the chosen stocks for higher returns finally. Mutual funds are of different types such as equity funds, debt mutual funds, liquid funds, balanced funds, hybrid funds, and more. Significantly, the procedure of investing in mutual funds by using apps is very easy. Investors can take the help of technology, the apps that can guide them in every aspect. People can start putting in a small amount like only Rs 100 in their chosen mutual funds through the apps also. However, in this article, a discussion on some of the Best Mutual Apps has been made with analysis.   1. Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund App   According to the mutual fund specialists, the Coin App introduced by Zerodha can be called one of the Best Mutual Apps in India. Most of the investors, who put in money in mutual funds by using apps, prefer Coin App for investment. This app has the specialty of functional easiness. It is supported by one of the top stockbrokers in India, Zerodha. The experts opine that the investors who have already accounts in Zerodha would not have to face any difficulty while investing in mutual funds through the Coin Apps. Coin App helps investors put in their money in the mutual fund schemes of nearly 40 fund houses and also without any commission. The huge customer base of this mutual fund app is enough to clarify why it is termed as one of the best mutual fund apps in India. The customers only need to make accounts in Zerodha to start investing in mutual funds through Coin Apps.   Key Features of Investment through Coin App One of the key benefits Coin App provides for its users is that it is an easy portfolio management system. The SIP management of this app does not have any botheration. The users of this app can make impressive savings of 1.5% on SIP. Then this app can be easily accessible to both iOS and Android mobile devices. The users of these apps can have significant benefits of getting an exclusive range of mutual funds to help them select their preferred mutual funds. The investors through Coin Apps obtain another option to make investments in ELSS funds for tax savings and they can also select UPI-based purchasing options.  

Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund App

2. Paytm Money Mutual Funds App The experts speak out that the Paytm Money Mutual Funds app can also be appreciated as one of the Best Mutual Fund Apps in the country. The interested people who want to invest through Paytm Money mutual fund apps can obtain 1% higher returns by putting in their money directly into the mutual funds. More importantly, the Paytm Money Mutual Fund app does not take any kind of charges from customers on their buying and selling of mutual funds. Investors can trade with mutual funds completely free through this app. The investment through this app can offer another significant advantage to the users that diverse management becomes available and it makes the investment trouble-free and seamless for the investors. Paytm Money Mutual Fund app India is aided by a completely paperless KYC verification process that has made the account opening procedure quicker and easier. The investors can also select several types of mutual funds like liquid funds, ELSS funds, equity funds, and others to put in their money through this app.   Key Features of Paytm Money Mutual Funds App The investors do not have to pay any commissions on direct mutual funds through this app. Then this app does not take any annual maintenance charge. The account opening process is extremely easier and trouble-free because the account can be opened fully paperless and the users of these apps can receive account statements for free.

Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

3. ET Money App ET Money has been introduced by one of the country's premier media networks, TIMES NETWORK. ET Money has the key focus of helping the investors to gain an extraordinary level of simplicity in mutual funds investment in India. One of the Best Mutual Fund Apps for a mutual fund is advantageous for both beginners as well as for the people who are experienced. This app has another positive point in that it often publishes intuitive posts that guide the investors to make a proper evaluation of the different types of mutual fund schemes before starting to do so. The investors can gain another point that the operational procedure of the ET Money mutual fund app has been designed completely automated that helps the investors to deal with mutual fund investments without any hassles. It has also come up with personally-devised investment roadmaps that help the investors to set particular financial goals and other responsibilities. Additionally, the mutual fund investors can avail themselves of various types of financial hand-outs such as purchasing term insurance, life insurance, different types of loans, mutual fund investments, and more.   Key Features of ET Money the best mutual fund app in India: ET Money mutual fund investment app helps the investors to protect integration with different UPI platforms quickly. The people also do not have to bear any expenditure for investment in the mutual funds and they can also get a variety of options while making investments in the mutual funds. ET Money mutual fund app gives expense trackers and a monthly saver system to its users as well as the investors can make gold deposits through this mutual fund app.

3. ET Money App

4. Groww Mutual Funds App If the mutual fund investors want to consider two major features of investment like solidity and handling, the Groww mutual fund app can be considered the perfect match for them. Even if the respective investors seem to be inexperienced in the field of mutual funds investment, the Groww mutual fund investment app can also be ideal for them. The investors who use this mobile app can make the entire investment process in simple ways as well as they can have several videos and blog posts from which they can get invaluable knowledge and updated information on investment. After going through the videos and blogs it can become easy for the people to make a perfect decision before they put in their hard-earned money. The Groww mutual fund app provides another advantage for its users as they can put in their money in the stock also along with the mutual funds. This mutual fund investment app is gradually developing into one of the most popular apps in the stock investment industry due to its zero-charge facility for investors.   Key features of Groww the best investment App in India: The users of the Groww mutual fund investment app can make easy and quick investments due to its user-centric interface. This mutual fund investment app offers another benefit to its users. That is a single dashboard that helps the users to track their investments, annual returns, and overall returns without difficulty. The users of these mobile apps do not face difficulty while registering themselves with these mobile apps as an easy e-KYC system is available. The transactions that are made by the customers are secure through 128-bit SSL encryption and the investors can also get SIP calculators to make proper assessments of their returns. 

5. Kuvera Mutual Fund App Kuvera Mutual Funds app is such an investment mobile app for a mutual fund that guides its users to set specific goals. This mobile app provides important and valuable advice for its users and going through the advice, users of these mobile apps can save taxes, build up and increase wealth, stability, or any other thing. More importantly, a single dashboard of the Kuvera mutual fund investment app guides investors to track their investments anytime, anywhere. Along with mutual funds, the investors can also spend their money on stocks and gold in these pioneer mutual fund apps. Kuvera mutual fund app also has come up with unique features like timely reports, tax harvesting, and TradeSmart.   Key Features of Kuvera mutual fund app The users of Kuvera mutual fund apps can get advantages of the fully digital account opening process. This mobile app has features that help the users to open accounts for their families as well as manage joint accounts. This mobile app does not ask for any commission or hidden charge from its customers. The users can get benefits of availing of tax-savings funds and this mobile app also guides its users to set goal-based investment plans. 

Kuvera Mutual Fund App

Published on Jun 22, 2022